Would you start a business in a pandemic?

Starting a business during a global pandemic may seem like a crazy idea, launching your business into a franchise sounds even more crazy.

This is something I did myself this year.

After running a successful social media and online marketing business since 2017 I decided to launch my business into a Franchise.

With my extensive training programme and the ongoing support, I’m now sharing my proven business model with others and showing them how they can start their own social media and online marketing solutions business.

New business startups are on the rise and with the increase in job loses and more redundancies on the horizon more people are looking at various options to becoming their own boss.

Statistically, franchises tend to have better success rates than non-franchised businesses. 93% of franchisees claimed profitability each year, whereas only 40% of new businesses survive more than three years in the UK.

Starting your own business can seem daunting hence why franchises are a popular option when it comes to new start up’s.

Here’s why?

The business is already a proven and successful business model:

A franchise business already has a successful history and a proven business plan to ensure that you are entering a business that will be successful for you from the start. The franchise would have made all the likely mistakes in the early days of the business and their knowledge and advice on how to avoid these mistakes will be implemented into your training. 

  • Access to systems:

A franchise will have systems to help your business become successful. There will be various operating systems in place to help with the operation of your business. Some franchises will have access to online systems to help the flow of your business.

  • A recognised trademark:

Having a trademark is a valuable asset to any franchise and plays an indispensable role in not only determining the popularity of any brand’s franchise, but it also helps in ensuring the success of the franchise.

  • Speeds up the process to get your business started:

When starting your own business you need to consider, logo’s, branding, websites,  business cards, finding your own client’s. A franchise has all of this in place for you so that you can get your business started straight away and start earning an income immediately.

  • Reduces any risk involved:

As the franchise is already a proven business model that works there is very little risk to you if you follow their systems and training you will be entering a business that works and will work for you.

  • Full training is provided:

All franchises offer a training programme to ensure that you can start your business with peace of mind that you have everything in place and the knowledge and no how on how to run a business.  

  • Ongoing support:

Working for yourself and starting your own business isn’t easy and can be very lonely working day in day out at home, it can take a while to build a support network to turn to when needed to seek advice and support. With a franchise, the support network is already there for you day in day out.

  • Help with marketing and advertising:

Marketing and advertising can be expensive especially when you first start your own business and having the budget to run a successful marketing campaign can take months. With a franchise, the adverting and marketing plans are all in place to help you gain new clients and customers.

  • Brand awareness:

People invest in a franchise to have the benefit of a well known and recognised brand above their front door. The support and training are also provided to help the franchisee get the word out there as well. This means that customers are more likely to trust the quality of the products or services in a recognised brand.

Whatever you decide to do when it comes to starting your own business just remember that it’s a rollercoaster of a ride but it will most probably be the best rollercoaster you will ever go on.

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